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The Goodrich to Goodrich Cycle Challenge 2020

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On 14th June 2019, 14 intrepid Goodrich dads set out on an epic bike ride like no other! Over two days they pedalled a MASSIVE 350km (or 217 miles in old money) all the way from Goodrich Castle in Herefordshire back to our very own Goodrich School, raising over £9,000 in sponsorship in the process. You can watch a film of their amazing achievement here .

On 18th June 2020, the second edition of this now legendary ride will commence, this time with a courageous & determined group of 25! The names & faces may have changed, but the ambitious plan is the same; to ride a huge distance over a very short time, and raise as much money as possible for the school in the process.

Training has already started in earnest – “Winter miles make for Summer smiles” – the preparation & planning is in full swing, the kit has been ordered, the route has been checked and several vital social evenings have been organised. All we can do is wish them good luck, and offer them support in the best way we can – by sponsoring all their hard work & commitment here, and asking your friends, family & colleagues to do the same.

Thank you!