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October ask: can you help?

October ask: can you help?

Each month we’ll let you know a wish list of things that we need a bit of help with.  They could be big or small, they might not be quite your thing or they might just be up your street.  But it all makes a difference. So don’t forget to come back regularly, have a look and let us know (on if you can lend a hand! 

This month:

  • Winter Fair – it’s a Goodrich tradition  and full of festive fun. Could you and a team of friends get together and help us organise it?  With a few parents volunteering together it means everyone can do a smaller amount. Each class takes on the running of a stall on the day, so we need a team to do the coordinating.  Raising around £5,000 each year it’s a vital fundraiser for the school.


  • The FoG shed – hidden in the corner of the playground next to the PE cupboard, this is where we keep all the equipment and general stuff needed to run FoG events.  But it’s getting a bit leaky and creaky, so if you’re a dab hand with a toolbox, we could do with some help getting it patched up.