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Goodrich Rocks T-Shirt Competition

The Goodrich Rock T-shirt competition is ON!

Designs need to be handed in by MONDAY 12 JUNE to ensure that your entry is considered for the great honour of adorning the 2017 Goodrich Rocks t-shirt!

We are looking for an incredible design this year – a big, bold, easy-to-read design using the words GOODRICH ROCKS 2017 and whatever else your imagination propels you to add! There will be a box in reception for your entries.

Here’s last year’s fabulous winner, to help fire your imagination:


Whilst we’re on the subject of Goodrich Rocks, well done to all of the fantastic entrants. You blew the judges away with your enthusiasm, skills and support for each other during the auditions. It would be great if all of you could get on that stage but, as always, time is limited.

If you didn’t get through this time, make sure you try again next year – you may have been very close.

But for now, a massive congratulations to the 11 finalists for this year’s coolest East Dulwich rock concert:

Year 6:
Sylvie Forde
Project XYZ – Hazal Kolcek;
Sound waves – Rachel Bryant, Evie  Fraser-Alderson, Agnes Olande-Milne, Erin, Leyla, Jodie McCarthy, Sylvia Shepherd…

Year 5:
Moriah Mensah
The VIPs – Cece Kidson, Atinuke Akinrode, Betsy Conduit-Smith, Rosa Batty
Forever 16 – Ellie Constantindinou, Joy Mojibola, Holly Callis, Frida Olabrria, Sammie Saward, Oscar Cross, Gabriel Taylor, Albert Goya, Malaki Simmonds, Makeda Segor, Mei-Lin Rawlings, Izzy Croaker, Cicely Ukairo-Stevens, Khadijah Barrie, Ramiz Bashir, Anthony Ankewe
Kai Whiskey

Year 4:
The Three Boys – Jeremiah, Omari, Kuane
EBA– Etty Ashton

Year 3:
Double As – Anna Noor, Aurora Massey
Dreamers – Dayesha Gonzalez, Evie Bo